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barcode Time sheet W/C (DD/MM/BY) Once complete for the week, please take the top copy of the time sheet to your local Randstad office no later than 9am on Monday morning Name Worker no. Client name
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.g. 4:54). Any hours worked for the week can be used for the purposes of calculating your weekly income in a later stage, following completion of your tax return Payments/Receipts Receive payment of all allowances and payments received on behalf of client from the Employer each week. Receive payment of all allowances and payments received on behalf of client from the Employer each week. Payment must be made before 9am on Monday Morning Pay Type Amount Date (MM/DD/YYYY) Payment Type Payment date (MM/DD/YYYY) Amount Date (MM/DD/YYYY) Pay Type Payment date (MM/DD/YYYY) Amount Date (MM/DD/YYYY) Cash/Debit/Debit Card, EFTPOS, PAYG etc. Payments to be sent to the Employer in cash, debit/credit/gift cards, EFTPOS and electronic banking. Payment of the pay for assignment completed in a separate document is not required. All payments will be made via the following method. The following are examples: Cash Card or bank account debit Card, EFTPOS, PAYG etc. PayPal/Electronic Banking Please be sure to print the document number on your receipt and bring this with you when you pay. If the document number is not on the receipt, please note this on your time sheet. Once all payment has been received and verified by the Employer, please complete the Employer's confirmation page Payments for assignment completed in the course of the week will be accepted by the Employer on the Monday that the assignment is completed and processed by the Client's department. Payments of any other type are to be prepared by the Client's department in the next working day and will be made by the Employer on receipt of payment. Please note that payment made by cash, EFT/PayPal or Electronic Banking is subject to a 25% GST or Local and State sales tax. Other payments include: The Client's administration fee. Tax/FOSS compliance on behalf of the Client. Staff leave/holiday Leave of absence. Accommodation/travel expenses for Client. Payments which can be included as part of any pay package will not be charged. Payments made by direct bank transfers will only be allowed for allowances received if they are not paid in cash (e.g
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Hello and welcome to this Randstad candidate tutorial on how to use our timesheet app when your Randstad consultant sets you up to use the timesheet app you'll receive an email that looks like this you'll note you have access to both the App Store and the Google Play Store through this email you'll also need to set yourself up to use the Randstad portal first before you use the app you will need to set up a password to activate your my Randstad account this password is valid for the portal and for the timesheet app that you download onto your phone click on the blue writing to be taken to the Randstad portal here you'll need to re-enter the username and password and click login once you've created you my Randstad login you'll need to go to the appropriate store for your smartphone device search on Randstad timesheets or use the links provided in the email this is the app login page enter the username and password you just created for the Randstad portal to enter the timesheet app when initially logging in you're taken to the to-do page which is showing any timesheets that you're required to complete if there is no timesheet visible click on add in the top right-hand corner of the screen this page also provides you access to view your submitted and approved timesheets other navigation appearing on this page is a quick link to your booking section when you click on bookings this will show you a listing of your current or past bookings to access further detail for any booking pick the booking you wish to submit your timesheet for by clicking it once inside the booking you're able to see the relevant information pertinent to that booking by scrolling down you're able to see the shift days you need to complete your hours or days for click on add hours to enter a shift for this date once inside the shift edit screen you can click on time in either shift start or shift end sections to add your start or finish times don't forget to add in any breaks you have and these are counted in minutes when you're satisfied with the information that you've entered click on save this will then return you to the booking, and you'll now see the shift information displayed to the right of the date let's assume your work the same hours each day you do not need to repeat this action for each day simply enter the shift that you've completed and click the copy button this will display a window that asks you to choose shifts days click the relevant radio buttons for the days these hours could relate to and hit copy at the bottom of the page you'll be asked to confirm the copy by choosing yes or no you'll now see the same hours displayed for the chosen dates if you need to delete a shift you can click on the relevant date and this will open the shift entry screen click on the delete button at the bottom of the screen, and you'll be asked to confirm this action hit delete to proceed you'll note that the hours for Thursday have now returned to the add hours option if you need...
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